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Soil Testing

Aside from its productive value, topsoil also has its own inherent value arising from the quantity and quality of the minerals and chemical components that make up the soil. Even before a seed is sown or a blade of grass eaten, the topsoil is a valuable resource and it’s vital to monitor this asset on a regular basis.

Soil is also a dynamic resource, constantly changing and rarely static with nutrients constantly on the move as they are removed by plants and animals, leaching, erosion etc and replenished via weathering, decomposition of organic matter or fertiliser inputs. To minimise the impact of this variability, soil testing is of most value if it is carried out at a similar time each season.

Some tests are rather basic and of limited value but others are more comprehensive providing a wider range of different analyses and giving far more information on which to base soil and farm management decisions.

These soil tests are conducted by Hills Laboratories and passed through an independent soil scientist; Dave McKie at Soiltech in Christchurch. This is a standardised method, which means if you have had a soil test done by another fertiliser merchant this can be correlated with Mainland Minerals, as exactly the same method of extraction has been used.

An accurate and detailed soil test allows us to create a plan to achieve the results you want.