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A finer approach to minerals

We manufacture our own mineralised licks, so we know what goes into them. No shortcuts here. Dairy XM, Dairy XM Plus and Multi-Mineral Xtra licks are carefully formulated to immediately address mineral deficiencies.

A cost effective and proven way to enhance animal condition.

Mineralised Salt Licks For Stock

These are carefully formulated to immediately address mineral deficiencies and provide a cost effective and proven way to enhance animal condition.

  • MMX: A blend of salt and minerals suitable for sheep, cattle, deer, horses and goats all year round.
  • DXM: Similar to MMX but with extra added magnesium. Suitable for use all year round but particularly effective in Spring when pasture magnesium levels are lower. Ideal for dairy cows and ewes in lamb.
  • DXM+: Similar to DXM but with extra added copper, zinc and iodine. Suitable for stock displaying severe signs of mineral deficiencies. Suitable as a boost for younger animals. Note: Some breeds of sheep have a lower tolerance of copper eg Texel.
  • FODDER BEET: A blend of salt and minerals with the extra phosphorus required for cattle on fodder beet. Suitable for cattle only.
Points to remember
  • Minerals should be in balance in the total diet.
  • Animal mineral requirements depend on age, growth and production.
  • An excess of certain minerals can cause as many problems as a deficiency.
  • Symptoms of mineral deficiencies are often not specific for any one mineral. For example, ill-thrift, a rough hair coat or bone problems may result from a deficiency in any one of several minerals.
  • Mineral deficiencies or excesses are not the only cause of performance problems in livestock.
  • Although a mineral deficiency may induce a specific symptom, more common effects tend to be lower growth, lower milk production or reduced conception and birth rates.
Why use a mineralised salt lick?
  • Minerals are essential for animal health and superior performance, including disease resistance, fertility, milk production, weight gain and skeletal development.
  • The principal purpose of a mineralised lick is to act as a nutritional buffer between an animal and its feed.
  • Mineralised licks are designed to compensate for an inherent or seasonal lack of certain minerals, as well as for the frequent and sometimes rapid changes that occur in pasture mnieral levels.
  • Mineralised licks from Mainland Minerals are palatable to livestock and provide a formulated balance of certain major and trace elements.
  • Mainland Minerals licks are proven to enhance livestock condition.
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