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  • MMX: A blend of salt and minerals suitable for sheep, cattle, deer, horses and goats all year round.
  • DXM: Similar to MMX but with extra added magnesium. Suitable for use all year round but particularly effective in Spring when pasture magnesium levels are lower. Ideal for dairy cows and ewes in lamb.
  • DXM+: Similar to DXM but with extra added copper, zinc and iodine. Suitable for stock displaying severe signs of mineral deficiencies. Suitable as a boost for younger animals. Note: Some breeds of sheep have a lower tolerance of copper eg Texel.
  • FODDER BEET: A blend of salt and minerals with the extra phosphorus requiredfor cattle on fodder beet. Suitable for cattle only.
Per ton (40 bags) $908.40 $940.00 $986.40 $1172.80
Per half ton (20 bags) $493.80 $521.80 $532.80 $628.60
Per single bag $26.78 $28.78 $29.65 $33.48
Plus GST ex Timaru

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