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Granular Blends

Multi-purpose blends can be made up individually, to suit farm requirements, eg for lucerne or fodderbeet. These can be applied by a contractor or farmer with suitable equipment.

Kaimate (humates)

Now recognised as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture, humates consist of humic and fulvic acid along with the raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) from which these powerful natural acids are derived.
They restore the vitality of the soil, increase its water holding capacity, and improve the availability of fertilisers.


A naturally mined and processed soft rock phosphate fertiliser (natural and organic).
Phosphorus release is via a two stage process – FAST with about half the P available in the first 5-30 days after application and SLOW with the balance released over the next 12-24 months. Can be applied on its own or blended with other nutrients and minerals.

Mainphos XS

Mainphos as above with the addition of elemental sulphur at the granulating stage.