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Our largest growth area with clients seeing real and measurable changes in their whole farming system.

Getting it right from the soil up brings increased fertiliser efficiency, with less nitrogen applied (up to half N applied within a year in some cases) and better cow performance. We take on the environmental challenges that dairy faces head on and provide real solutions, not just tweaking the numbers.

This is what we aim to do:

  • Improve the overall cow performance
  • Increase nutrient cycling through better soil biology
  • Increase the energy levels in soil, pasture and cows
  • Reduce metabolic problems by improving pasture quality
  • Lengthen the growth curve of pasture, eliminating the need to “force” growth
  • Increase the conversion of pasture (DM) to milk solids
  • Improve fertility of cows & reduce dry cow ratios
  • Reduce farm production costs
  • Reduce fertiliser wastage to environment

Click here for information on Mainland Minerals Dairy System Individual Farm Specific Nutrient Program.