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Smarter Fertiliser

Mainland Minerals is a rapidly growing and recognised fertiliser company giving personalised service to our clients. It is an independent and locally owned company employing dedicated representatives covering the country.

We have been in business for over 25 years offering environmentally sustainable alternatives to habitual fertiliser companies. We focus on the client, the farming system, the soil and the long term.

We like to think of ourselves as providing solutions to a whole range of challenges facing today’s primary producers. There is no “silver bullet” product out there – just good innovative advice based on research and experience.

The above time-lapse is of Thompson Construction erecting the new bulkstore and head office for Mainland Minerals, Washdyke, Timaru.
This was completed over 21 working days. 18 June – 17 July 2012.

Our advice and recommendations could include:

Fine Particle Fertiliser
An ideal macro, mineral and biological application for any farm type. Fine particles of fertiliser ensure even plant uptake through the soil, leading to improved dry matter quantity and quality. The product can be applied by truck, aeroplane or helicopter.

Fine Lime
Owing to its fine particle size and therefore greater surface area, the calcium supplied through the lime flour is readily available for immediate uptake on soil colloids. Calcium supplied through the lime flour is released faster than the soil can buffer it, leading to a boost in soil biological activity and an increase in the uptake and availability. This product can be applied by truck, aeroplane or helicopter.

KaiMate (humates)
Now recognised as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture, humates consist of humic and fulvic acid along with the raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) from which these powerful natural acids are derived. They restore the vitality of the soil, increase its water holding capacity, and improve the availability of fertilisers.

Granular Blends
Multi-purpose blends can be made up individually, to suit farm requirements, eg for lucerne or fodderbeet. These can be applied by a contractor or farmer with suitable equipment.

A naturally mined and processed soft rock phosphate fertiliser (natural and organic).
Phosphorus release is via a two stage process – FAST with about half the P available in the first 5-30 days after application and SLOW with the balance released over the next 12-24 months. Can be applied on its own or blended with other nutrients and minerals.

MainPhos XS
MainPhos as above with the addition of elemental sulphur at the granulating stage.

Urate is a combination of granular urea, limeflour and humates. When applied with nitrogen, humates reduce the volatilisation or losses of the nitrogen to the atmosphere. Both humates and limeflour encourage biological activity, helping to negate the effects of urea on soil life. Limeflour also removes some of the acidity of the urea. Urate improves the efficiency of a nitrogen application and counteracts some of the negative aspects.

Urate S is a combination of granular urea, elemental sulphur, limeflour and humates. It functions as above, with elemental sulphur converting to plant available sulphur, providing a regular boost to sulphur levels in the soil.